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Survival Essentials for Sports Academies and Facilities

Below are what I consider to be some of the survival essentials for running sports academies or facilities. Many of these business fundamentals are great for any small business, but they are particularly important in our industry. Check out this post, Why Sports Facilities Fail, for a general introduction into the different contributors for sports facilities closing. Then, read the posts below for more insights into our survival essentials.

To be successful, you need to prioritize these 5 things:

1. Cash Flow – Cash is king for all small businesses, including sports academies, facilities and complexes.

– Encourage Upfront Payments. Protects your business from no-shows and late cancellations.

– Accept Online Payments. Gets you cash faster, at any time of day.

2. Profitable Programming – Group programming over rentals whenever possible.

3. Diversification – Don’t rely on too little sources of income.

4. Numbers-Focused Sales – Filling your programs is a numbers game.

5. Solutions-Based Services – Always build your services based on what your clients TRULY need.

Prioritizing these survival essentials can be critical to your sports facility running successfully. With diverse services built with the customer in mind, you can easily protect your business while also building a strong relationship with your clients. For more insight into successfully building a sports facility, book a free consultation with our experts or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.