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Running a Sports Business

If you want to learn the business fundamentals for running a sports facility or sports academy, you’ve come to the right place. In the posts listed below, you can find out whether you have a profitable business plan, learn the essentials for your business survival, develop a marketing plan, and more. Start creating business plans for your sports facilities today. 

Business Plans for Sports Facilities, Academies, or Complexes

The Mission

The Marketing

The Operations

The Finances

The Exit Plan

Getting Started

Choosing a location

Getting funding

Purchasing Equipment

Calculate Operating Cash Needs

Advice for Students

Survival Essentials

Why Facilities Fail

Cash Flow

Upfront Payment

Accept Online Payments

Profitable Programming


Numbers-Focused Sales

Solutions-Based Services

Marketing Basics

Creating a 12-Month Plan

Reaching 6-8 Customer Touch Points

Tracking Client Interests and Prospect Data

Facebook and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

More Marketing Articles

Leadership Skills

Staff Management

Hiring the Best Instructors


Internship Programs

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