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We called PPC’s marketing package for sports facilities and small businesses a “toolbox” for a reason: It constructs a solid foundation for your business’ marketing using a variety of simple, affordable resources.

Designed for business owners who want great value and measurable results, the Marketing Toolbox won’t push you toward expensive overhauls or grandiose campaigns. But it will make sure that your business effectively connects with your community in this rapidly changing digital world.

Odds are, keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, particularly in popular social media platforms, keeps falling to the bottom of your ever-increasing to-do list. PPC’s Marketing Toolbox quickly gets your business up to speed using clear, well documented methods, seamlessly integrating online methods with the rest of your strategies. Best of all, you won’t need to blow your annual budget to get effective results.

Call us to set up your marketing evaluation. From there, we’ll work with you to set up an annual strategy and suggest how we can help on an ongoing basis.

Marketing Evaluation: $199

PPC will assess all the details of your company’s marketing efforts to determine the strategies that will best benefit your company.

Annual Marketing Plan: $500

Based on the results of your evaluation, we’ll consult with you to create a month-to-month marketing plan for the upcoming year.

Marketing Toolbox:

Depending on your needs, we’ll help you set up, structure and implement a combination of the following:

  • Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • E-Mail Marketing (custom templates, database management and more)
  • Internet Marketing (including search engine optimization)
  • Analytics (tracking the success of your efforts)
  • Design (both print and online)
  • Event Planning (consulting on your presence at events
  • Advertising (pay-per-click campaigns and print ads)
  • Public Relations (getting the media to notice your company)

Call us at (513) 791-4940 for more details on how The Marketing Toolbox can work for your business. Book a consultation with our experts to learn more about marketing for sports facilities.